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American Style

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  • American Style

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Average: 4.8 (9 votes)
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February 27, 2012
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Smarybling's picture

Ty.....YOU.... got talent....that's all.....carry on
StarStar's picture

Proud to say I have this CD in my collection!!!! Love Ty
Detroit Rocker's picture

I think you, Val, Christian, and the rest of the band need a vacation....ahhhmmmm, March 5-10 to Great Stirrup Cay:)
stumbletown adams's picture

Great song! Pushing it on my watering hole jukeboxes and got some friends ready for the Seattle show w/Kracker. Want a release party in Seattle? Holler....stumbletown steve adams
Seabeeinmi's picture

I just saw Ty on Fox 2 News and was blown away!! Amazing voice, awesome song, can't wait to see what the future holds for him.
Larry's picture

Ty Stone is the voice of reason in the music busines. He the shape of things to come! So very talented!
bluesuedeshoe's picture

Agree, post lyrics. Or get someone like Jade over at who has made it her mission to get close to two decades of work deciphered. Having someone track and document your history might seem silly now, but, it really counts in the future. For your own future use, tape as much as you can.....
Lisa_2's picture

How long before the next CD is out?
OneOrganizedGirl's picture

Oh yeah, you totally need to post your lyrics!
Lisa's picture

I was heading on a 12 hour road trip to be with my mom during a difficult time in her life. A friend let me borrow your CD. I loved it!!! I just wish you had move music videos on you tube. I’ve been looking so I can post your songs on Facebook. I told everyone what a great voice you have and wanted to post some of the songs so they can hear you. I played that CD so much; I believe he has to buy a new one. HAHA! Maybe they will give him a discount. Cause he’s not getting this CD back. HAHA! Keep up the outstanding music your truly assume.
Truther1776's picture

I bought your CD and I think its awesome. Especially American Dream, American Style and Down River. I would like to see a lyrics section on your website though.
Lisa_2's picture

Just got my American Style CD in the mail....Love it! Is there any where I can get a copy of the lyrics? Please keep doing what you are doing, because you do it so well!
Cadybugg's picture

Love it!!
sri24fan's picture

Ty, you're the best thing to come along since sliced bread! Love ya! Hope to see you in Jacksonville, Florida again real soon and on the Kid Rock cruise next year! Congrats on your awards. Well deserved and earned. Hitchin' my wagon to your star. All my best.
Kathy Miller's picture

Briana's picture

Ok so where can we buy the whole cd? iTunes only has three songs :(
Dave's picture

Love the sound. Keep on rock'n and everything will roll. Bourbon, Detroit, Rocking, Blues. Love it. Add a fiddle, steel drums, and a broad harp'n dem blues for your remixes.
Francine's picture

Dude, we love your music!!!! Where can we get the album?
Peaches's picture

Love every song! Awesome!
Dwayne's picture

How can I pick up album???